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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a series of the most commonly asked questions about the AMSO Online learning platform.

The LCExchange is a free benefit to our membership that has been created to provide a forum for our members to discuss cases, techniques, procedures, new technology and learning methods related to medical education. Membership is exclusive to healthcare professionals and is not available to members of the public or to employees of, or individuals closely associated with industry. Postings to the LCExchange are subject to our disclaimer and terms of use.
Yes of course. Our philosophy is to support the personal development of all healthcare professionals through membership of the "Learning Community Exchange" and encourage interactions between them for the benefit of their patients. Joining our learning community and becoming an "affiliate member" is open to all healthcare professionals for unlimited period of time and is absolutely free of charge.
Affiliate membership entitles you to; (1) Free access to all open source learning material, (2) Credits for eligible completed activities, (3) Join "The Learning Community Exchange" (The LCExchange) and be part of the discussion and (4) Priority booking at our onsite training sessions and meetings.
We offer different levels of support to professional learning depending on the level of your membership. The benefits of Affiliate Membership are outlined above. Benefits of other membership levels are outlined in the following sections.
This is what most healthcare professionals want to do. You can upgrade your membership and become an Associate Member, which brings many benefits including participation in a structured learning and training course(s), access to our onsite training facility for the relevant subject, faculty support, feedback and progress review and end-of-course assessment. Membership is valid for the duration of enrolment on the course. Fees are payable as per module(s) undertaken. You will also be eligible for discounts on registration fees for selected eligible meetings in the UK.
Yes, that will be very important. You obviously will need access to ultrasound training sessions and your mentor will facilitate that for you. Additionally, you can not undertake scans without appropriate supervision as you must comply with your hospital's governance policies and General Medical Council guidance for Doctors. Your mentor will also be able to guide you during the training period with advice on scanning technique and dealing with patients' questions. The same advice applies to nurses, midwives and sonographers working in their relevant departments. If you are enrolled on our endoscopic surgery modules, the essentials of surgical instrumentation and safety, basic, intermediate and advanced surgical skills modules can be completed with the guidance of our faculty using a specially designed "home simulator". You can either buy or rent it for a fee while you're training. Contact us for more information.
We would love to help you improve and gain new skills. If you meet the eligibility criteria and have a colleague in your clinic who can and agrees to mentor you then we will need to consider his background and skills before approving him and accepting you. Otherwise, we will be happy to consider you gaining the relevant training locally under the guidance of an expert in the field i.e. a local fellowship scheme. Again, we will need to know more about your trainer and his/her skills before accepting you on the programme. Remember that such a training scheme may incur additional fees that you will have to agree with the local trainer.
Indeed. Our Academic Membership will be available in the near future. We will support those who are enrolled on an Academic programme of study with unlimited access to our onsite training facility for the relevant subject, faculty support, feedback and progress review as well as regular in-course assessments. Fees are payable as per module(s) undertaken. Membership is valid for the duration of enrolment on the course. Academic members also benefit from discount on registration fees for selected eligible meetings in the UK.
Eligibility criteria for the professional development structured learning course(s) require you to: (i) Be a healthcare professional where ultrasound or endoscopic surgery are relevant to your clinical practice, (ii) Be in practice for two years or more in a relevant specialty where ultrasound or endoscopic surgery are regularly undertaken by yourself with or without supervision, (iii) Have access to high speed internet, (iv) Have the support of your employer to enrol on the programme (Employer reference will be sought) and (v) Submit with your application all necessary documentation. Enrolment on academic programmes of study in the UK are subject to the Higher Education Institution regulations and more information will be provided when we have further details.
Primary Care is an important area where continuing professional development is mandatory. We are in discussion with many potential partners in industry to avail their learning resource free of charge to our Learning Community members. This resource will benefit the entire team of healthcare professionals in Primary Care. Join the LCExchange and we'll keep you informed!
Yes indeed. You may revert to the free Affiliate Member status or join our Elite Membership, which is specific for those who have successfully completed either a Professional or an Academic Postgraduate course. It entitles the member to participate in the CPD programme and access all new educational material, limited access to our simulation training facility subject to availability, limited submission of images for faculty review and feedback as well as receive a substantial discount on eligible meetings. Full range of online CPD learning is available to members upon payment of an annual fee.
We view all comments whether favourable or due to dissatisfaction with our products or services as positive and helpful feedback and will do everything we can to resolve this fairly and quickly to your satisfaction. Please send your comments to and we will deal with them in accordance with our complaints handling procedure.
Certainly. Our state of the art abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound simulators as well as the laparoscopic skills trainer are available for all trainees. Contact us on 029 20682068 and we'll book your training session. Fees apply depending on the frequency and length of your training session(s).

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We welcome all of our new members - apply before 15th January 2019 for our March intake, and you will benefit from a 5% discount on the module fee (not applicable if you are already eligible for the discounted fee for nurses/midwifes/trainees). Join our Learning Community free of charge, and get access to the Learning Community Exchange, a forum for our members to discuss cases, techniques, procedures, technology and learning methods related to medical education